Wave Dynamics

My astrologer David Pond has sent his annual Autumn Equinox newsletter.  He writes that for the next several years the world will be highly unpredictable and that social instability will last at least through the seven squares of Pluto and Uranus through 2015.  We don’t want to wait for life to get mellower; it’s not.

He asks ‘Is light a particle or a wave?’  It’s both, depending how you pay attention to it.  Light responds to our attention; so does life.  ‘Are you a particle or a wave?’  This can be a useful metaphor to guide us through these times.  When you are locked into a particle consciousness, you attempt to freeze yourself in time and space and it’s futile.  When you are in wave consciousness, you remain growing, changing, evolving with the energy of the field around you.

Does this feel like now?  The world we live in is today characterized by rapid change and constant disruption. If we want to live in it, be part of the exhilaration and the harrowing drama, then we must be waves, rolling, undulating, crashing.  Hence Spindrift: the spray blown from a cresting wave in a gale, the result of wind and complex wave dynamics.  Pure nature, raw and violent and beautiful.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the internet and within social networks.  Twitter is a wave.  Facebook has wave action built-in. Nothing ever grows old in these waves.  It’ either the future or the past, and old is not a concept.  New isn’t a concept, because when everything is new, new immediately becomes the past.  This is what we live with.  Only wave riders will survive.

How can we write a business plan in this storm?  Does next year have any meaning?  Five years?  The world will be such a different place in five years that an alleged five-year plan is as fictional as Alice in Wonderland.

I’ve spent the past six months launching a new product on a e-commerce platform that lives within a complex, many tabbed Excel spreadsheet five-year plan with as many assumptions as required to make the numbers work out. The plan is meant to give the investors a sense of confidence that the company is viable, and has a future.  The spreadsheet tells us so;  it must be true, real.

The plan is a set of handcuffs limiting spontaneity, quick left turns, improvisation, zigs when the situation calls out for zags. Everything must be evaluated within the context of the plan.  It assumes the external world is a static place, where change never happens, where success one day is always replicated.  One order must be followed by 3x repeat orders, in a specific time period of time.  And if this order sequence isn’t met, is the product a failure?  Will the investors release the next round of funding?

This isn’t marketing.  It’s lunacy. My work here is complete.  The product has been launched; the case has been written.  Whether it succeeds in the marketplace will be subject to the waves in which it’s tossed.

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