Passionate External Workers

“…in the areas of technology and globalization, organizations must have the right talent to respond to the constant disruption and changes in the market.  And, the right talent for all of this is the passionate knowledge worker.  How does an organization accomplish this feat in the face of the very real war for talent?  The best answer is that forward-looking companies will gather and connect passionate external workers around the world and engage them as part of a virtual network, which very well may be attached to their organization.  And they will do this by taking advantage of the powerful advances we have seen in social software and cloud computing.”

Eric Openshaw, Deloitte

Let’s create a global team of friends who want to work together in new ways to innovate, share ideas and solve business problems collaboratively.  “Passionate external workers.”  The key here is friends.   Friends who know each other, like each other, want to work with each other, have a range of talent and expertise, have lives outside of work, and many passions.

We live and work in different cities and countries and draw inspiration from our time, place and culture.  We know where we are in the world.  And where we might want to be.

Most of us have worked together before.

We’re different ages and different nationalities and come from different backgrounds.  As individuals we’re unique; as a team even more so.

These are my friends.

Try us out.

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